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The world's leading manufacturer of piano machine and hammer heads.

The link between the pianist and his instrument is the mechanics with their hammer heads in the heart of a grand piano or piano. It largely determines the feel and intonation of the game. This is why Renner machine heads can be found in the best pianos and grand pianos in the world. Renner is the world's most renowned manufacturer of piano mechanisms and hammer heads. Whenever there is a grand piano in a large concert hall or a piano with a discerning music lover, Renner is usually involved. In the course of a century, almost 3 million high-speed mechanics around the world have helped shape music. Renner is the only European manufacturer that has grown and shaped the tough, meanwhile global competition in the piano industry for more than 130 years. This is mainly thanks to the skills of the employees, the inventiveness of the developers and a corporate philosophy that is characterized by quality.

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Guido Zimmermann, Olaf Gube
Managing Director & CEO
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