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Louis Renner founded his company for the manufacturing of piano actions in Stuttgart in October 1882. Even in his early trading years he only manufactured and distributed the very best quality parts, setting the trend for his exemplary success story. In the beginning all the action parts were made by hand. By the time the Renner Company moved to new production premises in Stuttgart in 1902, the work force had already grown to 35 employees, which had expanded to 100 specialist workers by 1911. The introduction of machinery in the manufacturing process slowly gained hold, making the resulting products even more precise and production more efficient. Since the middle of the last century more and more of the best foreign piano manufacturers have relied on the Renner Company for their parts.

Renner expanded their product range in 1952, to include repairs, spares and accessories. The production of single parts was increased and a generously sized warehouse furnished. A saw mill in Odenheim was adopted around 1974, where all the rough woodwork for manufacturing is still carried out today. In the course of the German reunification, Renner took over a third factory in Zeitz near Leipzig, which houses today’s production of upright piano actions.
History of Louis Renner Piano Action Company
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