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Original Replacement Parts

Renner produces every part of a grand or upright piano action as an original according to your specified measurements and characteristics and in the quality corresponding to the work carried out. Just name the make, age and component of your instrument or send a sample, and we will supply the desired original parts for the restoration of your grand or upright piano by return of post.
Renner Piano Action Parts

Grand and Upright Piano Hammers

We manufacture over 500 different types of hammer heads in various sizes, with or without underfelt, in different core lengths and shapes. We also manufacture according to individual customer specifications. For branded instruments we make the hammers with their corresponding original felts. We are also able to recover hammers to the highest possible standard.

Renner Paino Hammers

Grand Levers/whippens

You have the choice, Renner has the range: Choose from levers with or without, a spring adjusting screw, adjustable jack button or with or without suspension springs fitted. Choose from a range of heels, but as always with exemplary Renner quality and precision.

Renner Wippens

Hammer shafts

Renner hammer shafts are made of white beech – an extremely hard but relatively light wood. The cross sections of the shafts decrease from the low to the high sounds in order to ensure optimal sound properties and playing sensation. The Renner Portfolio encompasses hammer shafts for numerous brand name upright and grand piano manufacturers, in different models.

Renner Shanks

Damper Bodies

The felt determines the quality of the damper. Renner exclusively uses specialist felts from the best felt manufacturers for their grand and upright piano dampers. We can supply coloured under-felt of your choice, stitched treble dampers, two, three or four part damper bodies. We have what you need.

Renner Damper Bodies

Sample component kit

At the request of our clients, we have compiled a selection of our most popular action parts. These kits are used by leading technicians around the world when working with a client during restoration. The components can be fitted into an action and regulated in order to be able to check the repair results and to confirm your choice of parts.