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Original Spare Parts and Repair Parts

The essential sound-determining components in the inner workings of a grand piano or piano are - besides the strings - the mechanics and hammer heads. The manufacture of both product categories is Renner's core competence.

We have original spare parts for repair and service for many pianos and grand pianos.

For instruments for which original spare parts should no longer be available, we almost always have suitable parts on offer to repair your instrument.

For old instruments, we offer the service of calculating and building a custom-fit replacement mechanism especially for you. In this way, your old instrument gets almost as optimal a touch as a brand-new instrument.

We can also offer you the perfect hammer head for your piano / grand piano with the hammer heads. With our experience and the good advice of our service team, we can select precisely the hammer head from the many hammer heads that enables your piano maker to intone your instrument exactly according to your wishes.

With our spare parts service, your piano maker can turn your piano into a perfect instrument again.
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