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Original Renner Tool Service

The original Renner tools are second to none in quality, when used by a skilled technician they become an invaluable asset, some would say an extension of your skill. Specialist tools for repair, tuning, toning/voicing, regulation and servicing of all types of grand and upright pianos. Choose from tuning levers, regulating tools, toning needle holders to practical and robust cases for your tools.

Renner offers you a multitude of tools for professional repairs of grand and upright pianos – all with a quality to last you throughout your career.


Renner Tools
You know it: the quality of a piano repair or maintenance depends on the expertise and tools of the piano technician.

Renner repair tools transfer your skills directly to the instrument. Renner offers a broad range of tools for the professional repair of grand and upright pianos – tools whose precision will inspire you and whose quality will accompany you for a lifetime.



Original Renner Tools
Even the best piano action needs servicing in order to work dependably over generations.
Using regulation tools from Renner, you can not only perform this service, you can really have fun doing it.
The following tools are handmade by Renner in small numbers:

Head, hand, tools, work – these create a continuous line leading to your success.
Experience the exhilarating feeling of the before and after of a successful regulation and the undivided delight of playing a perfectly adjusted action.



Only a well-tuned instrument provides joy.
To facilitate your daily work, we make the best tuning tools and devices for tuning pianos. Convince yourself of our broad array of tuning forks, tuning chords, tuning hammers, tuning wedges and tuning devices.




Our brilliantly made hammer heads are, when you receive them, like raw, uncut diamonds. Both artistic sensitivity and manual skills are needed to enable your instrument to produce wonderful sounds. The dynamic basic characteristics of the set used must be adjusted to the individual hammer heads and individual piano strings to make the instrument really sing. Our pitching tools offer you the possibility to develop and unfold your true skills.