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The components in the inner workings of a grand piano or upright piano that essentially determine the sound are - besides the strings - the mechanics and the hammer heads. The manufacture of both product categories is Renner's core competence.

The Renner mechanism is a complex system of the most diverse individual levers and parts, which together harmoniously transport the energy and musical expression of a player to the outside via the resonance body of the instrument. A mechanism consists of a total of around 8800 components.
Renner Original Piano Action
Natural materials such as wood, leather and selected felts form the heart of this dynamic interplay. The Renner quality stands for the highest precision, stability and reliability and, with proper treatment and care, has a lifespan of decades. 

Renner produces two types of machine heads: the grand piano mechanics and the piano mechanics. The main difference between a grand piano action and a piano action: the grand piano requires a horizontal, flat alignment, while the piano action is always upright.

The hammer heads are the link between the mechanics and the string. It takes years of experience to produce hammerheads that produce a clear, voluminous and precise tone and give the piano maker the opportunity to fine-tune the instrument according to the artist's wishes.
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