New 2.8 Header Grand Piano Wippens

Grand Piano Wippens

Renner wippens feature precision machined regulating screws and graduated spring tension for optimum regulation. On fine quality pianos this amazing action mechanism, perfected over a period of 300 years, is made from all natural living materials like fine woods, felt, and leather which depend on small action centers to precisely control their motion. These specific tolerances must also move naturally with the environment. Renner action centers are made with exclusive Renner-designed pre-glued and graphited bushing cloth and are designed to be activated millions of times over the lifetime of a piano.


Designed for superior fine adjustments after initial rough regulations. Also prevents butterfly spring from wearing a noisy groove in the repetition lever.
Renner Piano Grand Wippen

The HIGH DEFINITION FLANGE provides a more accurate flange seating on the many different rails produced over the years for both vintage & modern pianos, creating stability in the action and a more accurate transmission of power from key to string.

One of the little known secrets of every Renner action part is the use of a special wood called Weissbuche – Hornbeam in English – which is naturally air-dried and aged over several years.

The use of only the finest quality materials, including the famous Renner bushing cloth, are among the many reasons why genuine Renner parts are preferred by the world’s finest quality piano makers and rebuilders.