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Renner Piano Wippen

Renner Wippen precision machined adjusting screws and closed spring tension are for optimal regulation. On fine quality pianos this amazing mechanism of action, perfected over a period of 300 years, is made from all natural living materials such as fine woods, felt and leather, which hang on small centers of action to precisely control their movement. These specific tolerances must also move naturally with the environment. Renner Action Centers are designed with exclusive Renner pre-glued and graphitized socket fabric that are activated a million times over the life of a piano.

Fine Adjustment Screw

Entwickelt für optimale Feineinstellungen nach der ersten Grob Vorschriften. Verhindert auch Schmetterlingsfeder vom Tragen eines lauten Nut in der Wiederholungshebel.
Renner Piano Wippen fine adjustment screw
The High Definition Flange provides a more accurate flange seating on the many different rails manufactured over the years for both vintage & modern pianos, thus providing stability in action and more accurate power transmission from the key to the string.

One of the little known secrets of every racer action part is the use of a special wood called hornbeam which is naturally air-dried over several years and aged.

The use of only the finest materials, including the famous Renner bushing cloth, is one of the many reasons why genuine Renner preferred parts are made from the world's best quality by piano makers and repair shops.
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